Gelibolu/Gallipoli Contest

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"A Perspective on Gallipoli", Picture & Story Contest Specifications

Presentation of the Subject and the Competition
Article 1: 
Students living in Canada will be able to better understand the importance of the Gallipoli, the Anzac Day and the 1st World War, with regards to their cultural, social and the international impacts, through this award-winning, picture and story contest that will be held on "A Perspective on Gallipoli", on behalf of the Turkish association of Canada (TAC) and Turkish Canadian Society of Edmonton (TCS). 


Article 2: 
The aim of our competition for those students studying and learning in Canada, we trust will be to have learned the following from the Wars of the Gallipoli, Anzac Day and the 1st World War; 

  1. Be more informed,
  2. Have learned the International Cultural, Social, and Political impacts,
  3. To better understand that from the struggle,we should respect values ​​of human dignity and freedom,
  4. Develop awareness of history and strengthening the feeling of identity,
  5. To better understand and highlight the importance of International peace and friendship relations.

Participation in the Competition
Article 3: 
For the picture/painting and story competition, students, aged 6 to 17 years old, living in Canada can participate.  Any students that may have resided in Canada previously, and may have moved to another Country do not qualify to compete in the competition. 


Criteria for the Works
Article 4: 
To participate in the competition for the above mentioned issues, the works must not have been previously published or advertised and must not have attended a previous competition, that is it must be the original work, that meets the following conditions: 

Criteria for the Picture Competition;

  1. Any picture technique and the paint materials is usable
  2. The papers that will be used for the pictures, is specifically 'Letter' sized with the dimensions of 21.59cm x 27.94 cm,
  3. Picture must be present in person or sent via postal mail the Turkish association of Canada,
  4. For those that will be applying via mail, the “work” must be unfolded and placed in a nylon packaged envelope that is not framed.

Criteria for the Story Competition;

  1. Stories to be sent to the competition; normal page size (Letter), 12 point in size using Times New Roman font, of three pages only and must be prepared on an accessible computer file format,
  2. Stories can be written in Turkish or in English,
  3. For those contenders that want to apply via mail or in person, their stories must be packaged in nylon or nylon insulated envelopes, unfolded and mailed to the address of the Turkish association of Canada.  Stories can also be email to ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).



Conditions of Application
Article 5
: Conditions of Application are indicated as follows.

  1. The deadline for the works to be sent is Friday March 4, 2016 until midnight. Of which time the “work” must have reached the Turkish Association of Canada via in person or by mail.  
    Pictures sent via email will not be accepted.

    The story must be sent by any one of these three ways: be delivered in person, sent via postal mail, or emailed to ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ),
  2. Any work that is reached after the deadline will not be evaluated or accepted for the contest. Any work that may come across postal or delivery delays is the sole responsibility of the participant,
  3. If mailed, the Works will be sent to the following address:
    Turkish Association of Canada
    131 Juniper St
    Orleans, ON THE K1E 1A3
  4. Participants may enter the competition for 1 (one) work only for each category,
  5. Along with the work for consideration,  participants must indicate their; first name, last name, date of birth, address, email and also the city of which they are contending.



Article 6. 
All of the “work” participating in the contest will thereafter be solely the material product, for copyright, broadcast, usage and display rights, exclusive to TAC and TSC and the producer. The participant agrees to give TAC and TSC, without any coercion influence whatsoever, free of any present and future monetary claims against in return, the sole right and use of their “work” presented in this competition for any other replication, application, processing or alteration, representation, public communication rights, publication rights, and any form of indefinite media presentation rights. The owner/producer of the said “work” will not attempt to revoke or hinder the rights given, or attempt to receive compensation for in any form whatsoever, at any time in the future for their said “work”, that will be used in any of the manners mention above.  The producer will not try to seek permission or consent to copyright, or make material or spiritual demands, does accept full admission with non-recourse, makes the statement and undertakes an oath to any of the disclosures mentioned above. It is also clearly understood that the “work” submitted to the competition will not be returned or refundable. 


Evaluation of Work 
Article 7: 
The contending students will be grouped into two different age group categories for consideration. These are the ages 5 to 11 and 11 to 17 age groups. The work of the participants will be evaluated by the Evaluating Committee for assessment. For those “works” that do not withhold the specifications of the contest requirements, will not be qualified and considered for evaluation.

 The following considerations will be given when evaluating the stories and pictures. 

  • The handling/painting of the issue/topic
  • Topic control
  • Originality of the stories/pictures
  • Layout of expression
  • The richness of expression
  • Effective and correct expression
  • Spelling rules and conformity (for stories)
  • As a whole written/painting expression and fiction



Evaluation Committee 
Article 8:
The Evaluation Committee, which will be established by the Turkish Association of Canada (TAC), will consist of 5 (five) members as follow: 1(one) representative from TAC; 2 (two) academics from Canadian universities; 2 (two) artists or suitable candidates from interested parties. Turkish Association of Canada has the right to change the distribution of the constituent reserved for the Evaluation Committee.

Awards and Award Ceremony
Article 9: 
Students that have been selected for the specific categories participating in the “A Perspective on Gallipoli”, for the best Picture and Story subject prizes will be awarded under the awards coverage guidelines. The Awards Ceremony will be held on March 20, 2016, at the Centrepointe Theatres in Ottawa. The awards will be presented by the President of the Turkish Association of Canada. Participants invited to attend the Awards Ceremony will be themselves responsible for their own transportation and any other expenses that may be incurred as a result. In the event that it is found that the “work” entered into the contest does not belong to the participant, or they have benefitted from another work in another way, i.e. (plagiarism), or is an adaptation from another work, the monetary or gift prize given will be redeemed and the participant’s rights will be completely forfeited from the contest. 

For each category (story & picture) and for each age group (5-11 & 11-17), the participants will be awarded the prizes indicated below:

  1. a)First Prize              : $500 of gift voucher, Book Set, Certificate
  2. b)Second Prize        : $250 of gift voucher, Book Set, Certificate
  3. c)Third Prize            : $100 of gift voucher, Book Set, Certificate